The Warrior Academy is an all encompassing concept of strength and conditioning, martial arts, nutrition and lifestyle consulting designed to provide you will a complete holistic health and fitness experience regardless of your age, gender, and ability level.


“Thicker than blood”

The Warrior Academy is a unique all-encompassing concept and space, that bridges martial arts, strength & conditioning, wellness and nutrition to provide you with a complete holistic health and fitness experience regardless of your age, gender, ability or experience.

Conveniently located on the West Side of Hong Kong Island (close to HKU MTR), we are more than just a gym. We’re a fully equipped 7,000 square foot space, with an internationally accredited and qualified coaching team you can trust, that strives to not only make you feel at home but to empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

We recognize that everyone is different, from their goals and challenges, ability and experience levels, to their responses to training and nutrition. Every warrior will have their own fitness journey and we will assist in the best way we can. We believe in fostering a tight knit community, who train and grow together, in an environment that provides the highest level of coaching, that is down to earth, encouraging and motivating. This is why we have created a facility with dedicated strength and conditioning facilities, martial arts zone and "The Elephas", our coffee and health bar.

Achieve the best version of you through our unique group classes, structured small group training programs, personal training, online coaching, nutrition and lifestyle consulting services and supplement your nutrition with our on-site health bar’s thoughtfully designed food and drink menu.

At the Warrior Academy, you will have everything you need to support all your lifestyle changes and optimize your health and fitness.

Welcome to the Warrior family.


It all started with the dream to provide authentic Muay Thai training in an upscale environment, without sacrificing comfort. This dream became reality in 2012, when Warrior Muay Thai opened its doors for the first time in Fortress Hill. Our core objective was to build a team of highly decorated trainers from Thailand that can provide authentic coaching expertise in the art of Muay Thai. Our Muay Thai coaching team today includes multiple stadium champions, with an average of 200 fights each and vast coaching experience between them. Warrior Muay Thai is the established go to name for Muay Thai enthusiasts and fighters in Hong Kong.

In developing our successful Muay Thai program, we quickly realized that a complete approach which included targeted strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery elevated the performance level of our fighters. This was coupled by an ever-increasing demand from our members to approach their health and fitness in a holistic manner. Thus, our next step was to establish an all-encompassing Warrior concept, which includes group and personalized strength and conditioning, yoga, nutrition and lifestyle coaching as well as an expanded offering of martial arts. In order to achieve this dream, we needed a purpose built space to bring the best of martial arts, Strength & Conditioning and wellness together. After 9 months of tireless research and meticulous planning, we found the perfect location for our second home – The Warrior Academy - on the West Side of Hong Kong Island.

Tricia is an internationally accredited coach and recognized as one of the most accomplished health and fitness experts in Hong Kong. She has extensive experience in helping her clients get stronger, optimizing their health and empowering their lives. read more...

Tricia Yap
Head of Strength & Conditioning, Body Transformation, MMA

Like many coaches, Billy spent much of his youth playing sports at various levels. Having been a competitive triathlete and sponsored surfer in his early 20's (while completing his Architecture Degree in Los Angeles), a chance encounter led him to Muay Thai. read more...

Billy Tam
Muay Thai, Strength and Conditioning

Bhurm Makate
Muay Thai

Dan is a strength and conditioning specialist with 8 years of experience in the industry – working with body bodybuilders and athletes. His sports specific experience includes working with golf and rackets professional athletes. read more...

Dan Kan
Strength & Conditioning, Body Transformation

Kay Kay grew up playing competitive sports and seeking to turn her passion into a career, she completed an Exercise and Sport Science degree, then became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Exercise Physiologist. read more...

Kay Kay Keung
Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics

Edgar is a passionate health and fitness enthusiast, which was the driving factor to obtaining his personal trainer qualifications. read more...

Edgar Sung
Strength & Conditioning, Body Transformation

Steph Vocong
Strength & Conditioning, Body Transformation

Our Muay Thai and Martial Arts specialist Jonathan has been living and training in the art of Muay Thai in Thailand for the past 15 years. read more...

Jonathan Fung
Boxing, Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong

Pheobe Chan


Warrior Academy offers a large variety of classes to help achieve your goals regardless of abilities or focus. There is something for everyone. Click View for more info.