"I love starting every morning challenging myself to be stronger than I was yesterday. As a woman, it is very important that I am not underestimated because of my gender. Having female coaches makes a huge difference because they know we are not weak and they train us like there's no glass ceiling on women's strength. I mean, I commute from Sha Tin to Goji Elite (and I work in Tuen Mun) six days a week, I think that says it all!

Clara Fok

Goji Elite is the perfect HK neighbourhood gym - accessible and friendly with a variety of high quality classes that cater to all fitness levels and schedules. The instructors, students and community all contribute to a fun, supportive environment that pushes you to improve.

The Lean and Mean program provided excellent value. I was able to combine targeted, personalised weight training and conditioning in the mornings with Muay Thai and other work-outs on evenings and weekends. A few months of training made me leaner, stronger and more flexible. It was the first time I looked forward to going to the gym five-six times a week!
Also one of the gym owners has a French bulldog that makes people really happy.

David Boman

I started with the free trial MMA for women class, now I'm hooked!
With the MMA program, Matt knows exactly how to encourage, push and entertain me. He's always cheerful and gave me lots of confidence. The infectious positivity is what you need at 7am in the morning. I have been very impressed by the passion of all trainers at Goji Elite. There's a lot of personal interaction between the staff and member. In a group class setting, the coaches remember my weaknesses and strengths and tailor to your own needs. No other gym can beat the atmosphere. Cheers.

Karen Goethals

I came to Goji Elite for Matt's wrestling and really love his classes. Matt is always ready to show or explain some techs even after or before class or whenever. During class, he always checks that we are doing properly and patiently correct and correct until perfection. Very professional instructor, friendly and nice guy.

Oleg Vasilyev

I've tried a number of gyms and been to different classes in Hong Kong. From a consumer perspective, Goji Elite is no doubt one of the better gyms available, and definitely my favorite, in terms of price for value, instructor quality, venue, community/experience, and classes offered. I'm particularly drawn to Goji Elite because of the instructors and the community. Youni, a high quality coffee/snack + salad bar located next to the gym, is a godsend when I'm famish after a tough workout, or simply want to indulge in a healthy, but oh myyyy, brownie, banana bread, chocolate tart, or my favorite chunky monkey.

Jenny Lam