Understanding The Attraction for Wolf and Dog Dildos

The fascinating thing about human sexuality is that it comes in so many different forms. People always enjoyed looking for new ways to express their needs and desires. And, of course, we love to look for new things that will stimulate us sexually.

But there are still so many taboo topics regarding sex. And possibly the most “forbidden” one is sexual depravity. However, perversions and fetishes make a big part of human history. And at one point, people stopped pretending these things don’t exist. Instead, we created various toys and other tools to help those who don’t fit the mold.

So thanks to these creative people, the sex industry has to offer a lot to all of us today. And even the kinkiest of people can find a thing or two to satisfy their sexual needs. Now, let’s take a look at one of the most unusual fetishes of them all and the fantastic toys we got because of its existence.

Sexual Attraction to Animals — Zoophilia

Zoophilia is usually regarded as the most infamous and frowned-upon fetish ever. And other than being so taboo, it’s also illegal in a bunch of countries. Indeed, there are plenty of valid reasons people see zoophilia this way. One of these is that the sexual act between humans and animals can’t be consensual, so it is considered rape.

This type of fetish existed for a long time now. People possibly even used to have sex with animals for ceremonial purposes. Or, at least, that’s what some historical documents say. But one thing is sure — people didn’t see it as a crime in ancient cultures. However, things changed with the rise of Christianity.

But whatever the general opinion may be, the fact is that some people are simply attracted to animals. Zoophiles don’t talk about it publicly, and they seldom seek psychological help. For that reason, we don’t know much about this sexual perversion.

But we know that zoophiles don’t necessarily have sex with animals. They can fantasize about it but not really do it. Sometimes, they look for other alternatives. However, it’s quite possible that the appearance of animal genitals is what makes them attracted to them in the first place. So, in this case, animal dildos may be a perfect solution.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy playing with this dildo if you’re not attracted to animals. Basically, anyone can have fun discovering what these exotic toys have to offer. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving them a try!

Sex Toys as an Alternative to Bestiality

As we mentioned before, zoophiles don’t always have sexual intercourse with animals. There’s a distinction between people who fantasize about it and who actually do it. The term zoophilia refers to sexual attraction to animals. But that doesn’t mean these people have to act on their desires. If they do, it’s an entirely different thing that people call bestiality — that is what is considered animal abuse.

So instead of hurting their furry friends, zoophiles can live out their fantasies using animal dildos instead. These toys look like the real thing, which makes them the perfect alternative to bestiality. But animal dildos aren’t reserved for zoophiles only — they are perfect for trying out something new and exciting!

Animal dildos come in different shapes and forms. These realistic sex toys are also of the right size, which is possibly why even regular, sexually adventurous people buy them. Here’s why you should consider adding at least one of these to your collection!

Different Types of Animal Dildos

If you take a look at this section on an online sex shop, you’ll be amazed by how creative people can get. Among animal dildos, you can find basically anything, even dinosaur-themed toys. And these dildos can be so big you won’t be sure if it’s even possible to use them.

Some animal dildos are really popular for their huge size. That is the case with horse dildos, which can be more than 17 inches long. But others come in many different forms and sizes, like a dog and wolf dildo. Due to their relatively average size, these may be a bit safer to use.

For that reason, and because of their exotic looks, canine dildos are pretty popular sex toys. You can use them just like a regular dildo, but you should choose the ones made of high-quality grade silicone since they’re easy to clean and are body-safe.

Wolf and Dog Dildos Design and Types

One of the most popular types of this toy is dog knot dildo, which imitates a canine penis pretty well. This incredible lifelike K9 dildo has a part near the bottom of the toy that looks like a tissue structure of canid mammals called “bulbus glandis.” For that reason, it’s quite realistic.

So a dog knotting dildo is perfect for people who found themselves fantasizing about dogs or wolves. Some of these even have a furry texture along the shaft. Of course, these are still made out of body-safe silicone. These toys are perfect for fulfilling your fantasies!

And if you want a thicker dildo, there’s a ripped canine dildo that will definitely fill you up nicely. But if their shape is what interests you most, you can find bulging dildos that come in various forms.

And, of course, there’s more to it. You can even find canine dildos of your favorite dog breeds. So whatever your preferences are, you can always get just the toy you need! And the best part is that most of these have a strong suction cup, so you can stick them to some surface and ride them. You can find more designs and varied sizes at https://lovegasm.co.

Some dog and wolf dildos are even soft and elastic, while some can bend at any angle. That’s particularly convenient when you’re trying to hit the perfect spot. So wolf and dog dildos aren’t reserved for people who found themselves fantasizing about animals only and can be a fantastic toy for anyone! They’re undoubtedly exotic enough to become part of your sex toy collection!